Challenge Thinking.
Transform Peception.
Amplify Results.

Balance & Harmony are hallmarks of resilience and clarity. Finding them is a process of illuminating the creative spark within us.

It’s more important than ever to place a focus on emotional intelligence and innovative thinking in a world where technology and AI are escalating. Authentic and collaborative interactions produce a powerful sense of connection, which in turn fosters smarter solutions, more efficient processes and purpose-led impact.

Welcome to Imagination Spa!

This is a space where leaders, creators and founders can find a freedom of mind that embraces their deep-seated aspirations in everyday settings.

Inside are packages, programs and trainings that will raise the innate personal, professional & superconscious edge within each of us.

We serve high potential individuals, teams and groups looking to elevate self-awareness and master their innate talents for unprecedented fulfilment and growth.

If you’d like to discuss your needs and see if we can help, please get in touch.

Veronica Ireland, Founder

Our Services


Evolved Wellbeing

Challenging situations and leadership responsibilities take us on an inevitable growth path. Yet we aren’t shown how, in a simple way, to navigate the blocks, resistance and outdated belief systems that stop us performing at our peak.

We explore an understanding that points to the source of limitation and insight, paving the way to greater self-awareness and clarity.



Empowered Certainty

Collaboration and innovative thinking are at the heart of team leadership and human connection. Yet busy schedules, other peoples’ demands, pressure to produce and the associated stress impact both performance and motivation.

Learning at a high level how we create our experience offers access to game-changing inner resources.

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Intuitive Wisdom

Seeking deeper meaning is the ultimate catalyst for growth. Yet looking outside of ourselves only provides temporary relief. While the heart’s wisdom – the essence of who we are – brings mastery of a wholly inspired and fully resourced state of being.

Step into the realms of quantum energy and discover the riches of your multidimensional nature.