Imagination Spa helps motivated individuals to harness the POWER of IMAGINATION for creative freedom, inspired wellbeing and heart-centred connection.

Through our unique Guided Imagination Journeys, you are transported to the infinite realms of your heart.

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Guided Imagination Journeys are a powerful way to explore your inner world, in a creative environment.

Imagination Spa invites you to embark on a personal voyage of self-discovery and step by step, uncover the possibilities for a new way of being.

You have the answers within you


Your Imagination is a portal, a doorway to a better, more rewarding, happier life.

We are in an era of unprecedented creativity in all aspects of life and it is time to take back control of how we think, feel and create in the new world of today.

Choose to live an extraordinary life

Free Gift for You

Take an experiential voyage to the realms of your creative imagination

Receive ‘Turning Point’ – a guided journey
to explore the possibilities that await you:

– Relax and expand the universe within your heart

– Identify a desire, something you want to create in your life

– Summon the elements required to take the next step

– Let your imagination guide you to the things that you love

Welcome to the playground of your future


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Products for You

Vibrant Realities


Enrich your human experience

Take Me There

Belonging – Passion – Authenticity – Tenderness – Freedom – Beauty – Grace

Enrich your human experience


Vibrant Realities inspires you to embrace your place in the world and to enrich your human experience.

Take the time to explore how you have changed in recent years so you can honour the unique individual you are today. Get to know what drives you and what direction you wish to take next, that will nurture your heartfelt desires.

The journeys in Vibrant Realities are designed to free you to express yourself and open you up to your deeper creative nature. They introduce you to new ideas and perspectives that will naturally elevate your future life experiences. As you progress through each level, you will begin to feel a positive shift in your overall energy and become clearer about who you are and how to use that awareness to move consciously into the next phase of your life.

This product is for you if you are looking to recalibrate for these changing times or if you are on a mission to drive forward your own remarkable unfolding journey.


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Inspired Dimensions


Explore the dimensions of your soul

Take Me There

Vitality – Abundance – Empowerment – Magnificence – Wholeness – Guidance – Connection

Explore the dimensions of your soul


Inspired Dimensions invites you to gain a fuller understanding of your ability create your future and to explore the dimensions of your soul.

Discover the ways in which you are so much more than you ever knew. Effortlessly move beyond your everyday comfort zone to access your intuitive nature, benefit from greater inner resources and support, and release your untapped power to reshape your reality.

The journeys in Inspired Dimensions are designed to open you up to the inherent gifts of your soul and bring you greater fulfilment and adventure. They encourage you to explore new realms of awareness with greater curiosity and wonderment. As you progress through each level, you will move into increasingly creative spaces and begin to awaken your unique potential to influence your destiny.

This product is for you if you are interested in enhancing your sensory perception or if you are ready to pursue new and rewarding opportunities for a fuller experience of life.


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Sublime Horizons


Connect with your universal spirit

Take Me There

Possibility – Inspiration – Transformation – Oneness – Creativity – Wisdom – Infinity

Connect with your universal spirit


Sublime Horizons opens the doors to your limitless creative potential so you can connect with your universal spirit.

Step into the world of your super consciousness and let the creativity within you spontaneously emerge from your dynamic energy. Tune into new ways to conceive and perceive your reality from the multidimensional realms of your spirit.

The journeys in Sublime Horizons are designed for you to explore the cosmic nature of existence so you can tune into higher frequencies of your creative essence. They inspire you to have a grander vision in which you are part of a universal system. As you progress through each level, you will sense new states of being coming into play and see new paths that lead to a more purposeful future.

This product is for you if you relish the prospect of creating alchemy with your intuitive nature or if you are being called to step up to a higher level of leadership within yourself.


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Sample a Guided Imagination Journey

A Guided Imagination Journey is an audio recording which takes you on an adventure to the visionary and sensory realms of your imagination. It is richly descriptive, begins with a gentle relaxation and guides you to creative discoveries where you can be inspired by your experience.

You can sample the ‘Turning Point’ journey here, and if you want to experience the full journey, sign up for the FREE gift.

Explore the many benefits of membership, it’s free to join up, just visit the Membership page.

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