– 7 Ways Your Imagination Can Transform Your Reality –

Move beyond the limitations of your mind and delve into the creativity of your heart


Imagination Spa helps you to harness the POWER of IMAGINATION for creative freedom, inspired wellbeing and heart-centred connection.

Our self-discovery products nurture your spiritual, soulful and human potential. You can expand your boundaries, explore new aspects of your brilliant nature and receive what you need to bring your dreams to life.

Your imagination knows no limits.


Your Imagination is the ultimate transformational tool and when you use it with conscious intention it opens doors to new ways of thinking.

We are in an era of unprecedented creativity in all aspects of life. It is time for you to take back the reigns and emerge as the grand creator you truly are. Imagination Spa can help you to do this.

Choose to live an extraordinary life.


Our Guided Imagination Journeys effortlessly take you beyond the limitations of your mind and into the creative intelligence of your heart.

The journeys are built around an original framework to deliver life-affirming experiences from start to finish. The richly descriptive adventures ignite your imagination and carry you to new heights of awareness.

Express the wonder of what is inside of you.

About the Founder

Imagination Spa has been created by Veronica Ireland, an intuitive writer, mentor and inspirational coach. Her remarkable imagination and passion for heart-based connections have led her to delve deeply into the realms of what is possible when you align your mind with the infinite wisdom of your heart.

Veronica has developed a ground-breaking platform for you to explore your unique potential using imagination. This innovative approach to personal development enables you to move towards what you want to create with a higher level of consciousness.

Imagination Spa invites you to start a new conversation, to open a door to the transformative facets of your multi-dimensional nature.

About the Journeys

Our Guided Imagination Journeys take you to the visionary and sensory realms of your deeper creative nature.

Each journey is a narrative, an audio recording which begins with a short relaxation before carrying you through the portal of your imagination.

It is from within this space that you can discover the personal qualities, empowering resources and enriching sensations you seek.

The journeys allow you to uniquely capture the energy of what you receive, so you can experience it in your day to day life.

They are 20 – 25 minutes in duration and each one is accompanied by a short audio introduction.

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About the Products

Each product is an exploration of the different levels of your subtle energy body, or chakras, designed for you to create greater harmony from within. You can experience the journeys in two ways:

Mini-Series Collections

3 Guided Imagination Journeys.
Immerse yourself in one energy level at a time to access nourishing qualities that balance your needs and furnish your desires.

Feature Length Compilations

7 Guided Imagination Journeys.
Voyage through all seven energy levels to discover the breadth of your resources and open to your inner gifts and strengths.

With every purchase, you receive a comprehensive package support your unique process of transformation.

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