Your potential is only limited by the idea that you have a ceiling. Everything you create – how you experience life – starts and ends with Thought.

In a world where simplicity is undervalued, we explore a powerful, new understanding of how to open the mind to transformative insight.

You’ll discover what enriches and what disrupts your experience… in ways that are surprising and consistently reliable.


Hello, I’m Veronica Ireland, transformative facilitator and guide.

I have a question for you…

Do you know where to look to find relief, direction, peace of mind, no matter what challenges you are facing?

It’s hard to come by isn’t it? And when we do, it only lasts momentarily before we’re right back in the very situation and feelings we want to move away from.

Thankfully, I found a powerful approach to transforming our experience that is more impactful than anything I’ve come across (and I’ve searched high and wide). The great news is that it doesn’t require digging into the past or analysing our thinking (too many rabbit holes!)

This new understanding speaks to our true nature and wakes us up to more of our potential, effortlessly.

It took me until my 40s to comprehend that, as human beings, we have an intrinsic connection to the intelligent energy that inspires our very existence.

I discovered something so potent and incontrovertible, so simple and all-encompassing… I’m compelled to help others find it for themselves too.


Veronica Ireland is a facilitator and guide in the transformation, leadership and wellbeing arena. Her experience and grasp of human potential stimulates a sense of freedom that is both visceral and thought provoking.

She trains & mentors business executives and their teams, coaching them to unlock hidden wisdom and produce deeper connections for better results. She helps individuals who are at a crossroads in life, heading for burnout or starting a new venture where the unknown holds answers they want access to.

Veronica started her career in fashion mail order, then corporate advertising, before co-launching a range of lifestyle branded products for the retail gifting sector. In 2012, following two major life events, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, which resulted in a major shift in her outlook along with a new career path.

Veronica is passionate about empowering others to create sustainable change. She specialises in a powerfully transformative understanding of how the principles behind State-of-Mind shape our experience & performance, pointing her clients to their uniquely resourceful & resilient nature.

Veronica is a natural leader with a dynamic, thoughtful and light-hearted attitude. She has run retreats in Europe & Central America. She is also the creator of Heartspace, an exploratory concept for using intuition, imagination and intention as a springboard to consciousness expansion.

Veronica is an ACCT and mBIT accredited coach, a 3 Principles Practioner and Trainer. She has held a board-level director position in a global corporation. She’s run her own businesses since 2000 and launched Imagination Spa in 2019. Veronica is developing digital content to bring her knowledge about optimising the human experience to a wider audience.



To transcend the idea that circumstances are responsible for how you feel and step into your true power of creation.


To deliver insightful experiences of the wisdom, resources and peace that exist beneath your conditioning.


To harmonize your energy with your desires so that prosperity and happiness are integral to your experience.

A Life You Love