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Self-mastery is the art of living from your true nature of wholeness and receiving everything you need to lead a life fulfilled.

Imagination Spa provides a space for you to retreat within and rediscover your innate resources in order to emerge with new ways of thriving in the world and honouring the values that bring you joy and deeper meaning.

The Collections open the door to life-altering insights as you explore new dimensions of yourself and transform your reality from the inside out. Like an exquisite diamond, you’ll shine a light on the individual facets of your uniquely iridescent nature.


I believe everyone is unique. What drives us, what nurtures us, what makes us happy is different for each one of us.

My mission is to provide a springboard for personal growth which introduces a highly inventive self-mastery approach that takes your awareness to new heights of enlightenment.

I want you to know the limitless nature of who you are and find the natural leadership qualities inside of you. And by that, I mean feeling at one with yourself through both the highs and lows of life.

My own inner transformation began in earnest in 2012 when a sequence of events both personally and professionally led me to pursue a much deeper understanding of who I am, and pave a path to creating a life where I could grow and thrive in line with my passions.

One by one I found the guidance needed to bring the pieces of a much bigger version of myself together. I was able to rapidly lift the veils on my limiting beliefs and move into a phase of inner exploration with a natural curiosity. Wherever I turned, I was in awe of what I discovered.

As well as seeing my life through fresh eyes, I uncovered endlessly fascinating facets of who we are as creative souls. I learned how to connect with spirit guides, explore alternative realities, meet versions of myself in parallel worlds and travel to past and future existences, each of which created a chain reaction to higher levels of consciousness and greater self-compassion.

But it wasn’t enough to have these experiences. I wanted them to impact my life in very tangible ways – to deepen my relationships, to elevate my routines and to shape my commitments. What opened up led me to discover how to harness the energy of such experiences so that I can stay connected to my larger dimensions.

Inspired by these extraordinary events, I launched Imagination Spa in 2019. I have taken concepts that speak the language of our more-than-human spirit and turned them into a creative and practical catalyst for expansion as individuals and as a collective.

Through work undertaken in fields such as neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics, our understanding of the nature of energy is evolving and changing the way in which we conceive the future.

I hope that Imagination Spa too, inspires you to find more truth, wisdom and love in your life.

Be free to be yourself,




To support your evolution of consciousness in the knowing you have access to everything you need within you.

Discover what makes your heart sing and recreate those feeling and sensations to bring you more happiness.


To fully embody your unqiue essence through love, adventure and understanding, and lead by example to inspire others.

Give yourself permission to be you at all times, love the one you are and share this spirit of freedom with everyone.


To initiate new experiences for progressive transformation and forge new pathways to heart-centred living.

Build the life you want most of all, one experience at a time, by connecting with your abundantly creative nature.