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This is a haven for you to discover your INNER UNIVERSE and explore your multi-dimensional Resources.

EXPAND your boundaries… discover the art of living from your true nature of wholeness… truth, and lead a life fulfilled.

Enter Imagination Spa and step through the gateway to life-altering moments, new ways of Being.

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Like an exquisite diamond, you shine a light on your uniquely iridescent nature.


One thing is for sure.

You are unique.

What drives us, what nurtures us, what makes us happy is different for each one of us.

What is it for you? Whatever that may be… it’s time for you to LIVE it.

My Soul Calling is to point you in a new direction – to incredible possibilities that light you up.

Then you can fine-tune – and make it REALITY.

You are the master of your life – you are the maker of your experience.

Life has brilliant highs and tricky lows. Nothing is permanent. But it is a rollercoaster.

Self-Mastery and the imagination to create a future that fits who you are at heart – elevates your world and embraces the limitless soul you arrived here as.

Yes – I’ve been through this myself. On New Years Eve 2012 I knew things had to change. I’d hit a wall and I wouldn’t and couldn’t go another year as things were.

Once you make that decision… THERE IS NO GOING BACK.

The old ways are unworkable… to admit this is a big relief. 

And when outdated beliefs GO, new opportunities FLOW.

I researched, I listened, I trained and I grew. I met beautiful souls who showed me how to travel to the Universe Inside. What I discovered changed everything… I saw myself, the world from a totally different reality.

You can too.

We are the most creative of souls. I learnt to connect with spirit guides, explore alternative realities, meet versions of myself in parallel worlds and travel to past and future existences. I couldn’t get enough… my heart felt so open.

I realised there are NO LIMITS.

This was a much deeper level of awareness.

It’s improved my relationships. Changed my routines and shaped my commitments. Harnessing the energy of these awe-inspiring experiences from my larger dimensions.

These extraordinary events launched Imagination Spa in 2019.

We’re expanding. YOU are expanding – both as an individual and a collective.

Work in fields such as neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics… our understanding of the nature of energy is evolving and changing the way in which we conceive, perceive and create the future.

Are you ready to create the future?

Be free to be yourself, always.



I want you to sense what Imagination Spa can do for you. The BIG PICTURE.
These three Principles describe the Purpose, Vision and Opportunity for you to see yourself as you truly are.
Find peace of mind.


Support your evolution of consciousness – KNOW you have access to everything you need within you.


BE YOUR OWN SOURCE of inspiration and guidance – Champion the rise of your inherent creative power.


Ignite Passion. Receive Insights… Sensations – FIND YOUR JOY and forge pathways to the heart.