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Using the pillars of exploration and transformation, the soul-guided journeys show you how to connect to deeper aspects of yourself and then through heart-centred practices you learn how to bring those aspects forward to support you in life.

  • Each of the Collections take you on a voyage through 7 energy centres to reunite with personal qualities that help balance your chakras and bring them into greater harmony.
  • By connecting with new sensations and capturing this energy using creative symbols you’ll notice a step-by-step change in how you feel within yourself.
  • Over time, you’ll start to deepen your intuition and think different thoughts about the way in which you want to lead your life and impact the world at large.


The 7 elements of Exploration:

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    Breathing Relaxation

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    Heart Activation

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    Mind-Body Alignment

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    Sensory Expansion

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    Natural Rejuvenation

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    Symbol Creation

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    Energy Infusion

By going beyond the limitations of your mind, you step into the space where the rest of you resides.

Each journey is a narrated adventure which takes you to the visionary and sensory realms of your innately creative nature.

First, you are guided through a gentle relaxation. Then you are introduced to a specific personal quality using statements and declarations.

In a heightened state of awareness you are invited to explore the sensations this quality brings you and receive insights that meet your needs and desires.

On your return, you capture the energy of the experience in a living symbol so it can become a dynamic part of your elevated reality.


By infusing your energy with an expanded sense of self, you open the door to new ways of being.

The soul-guided journeys instigate change, yet the essential magic happens once you know how to call upon and integrate the sensations you have connected with.

The deepening activities allow the symbols you have created to come alive in your physical body. They support you in: 1) Strengthening the foundations of the personal qualities; 2) Uncovering the meaning and inspiration behind your experiences; and 3) Acknowledging the shifts that are taking place.

The journey declarations serve to replenish your mind and the personal quality statements are for you to raise your energy in any given moment.

The 3 keys to Transformation:

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    Energy Integration

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    Expressive Contemplation

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    Intuitive Observation


  • ‘Turning Point’ (Sample extract) - Where will your imagination will take you?
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As you listen to the richly descriptive narrative, let your mind be transported by the story, the music, the energy. Feel the longings of your heart come to the surface.


Vibrant Realities


Enrich your Human Experience

Learn more

Belonging – Passion – Authenticity – Tenderness – Freedom – Beauty – Grace


Finding the keys to your heartfelt longings

An immersive voyage to help satisfy the desires of your heart and inspire your connection to life.

Learn how to more fully embody life-affirming personal qualities that celebrate your humanity.


In the midst of change it is vital to balance your equilibrium with feelings of appreciation – not only for what you have received from life but for what you have access to within you.

You’ll discover a deeper essence of who you are, find new ways to be in the world and achieve a greater understanding of who you wish to become.

Enrich your Human Experience


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Inspired Dimensions


Magnify the Gifts of your Soul

Learn more

Vitality – Abundance – Empowerment – Magnificence – Wholeness – Guidance – Connection


Exploring the resourcefulness of your higher intelligence

An immersive voyage to awaken your inherent potential and help you find greater fulfilment and adventure.

Learn how to more fully embody heart-opening personal qualities that expand your boundaries.


Part of the process of change is to access new ideas about who you are and find the tools and techniques to bring them into play so that they complement your uniquely individual nature.

You’ll discover the ways in which you are so much more than you know, harness the power to shape your reality and move into an increasingly creative cycle of awareness.

Magnify the Gifts of your Soul


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Sublime Horizons


Fine-tune your Spirit of Creativity

Learn more

Possibility – Inspiration – Transformation – Oneness – Creativity – Wisdom – Infinity


Opening the door to your universal connection

An immersive voyage to draw wisdom from your super-conscious realms and bring new concepts to your thriving reality.

Learn how to more fully embody mind-expanding personal qualities that advance your perspective.


As you deepen your awareness of how you are connected to the cosmic nature of existence a new level of leadership will emerge from within you.

You’ll learn how to summon states of being that nurture your true essence, tune into higher frequencies of your creative genius and be inspired to a grander vision of life.

Fine-tune your Spirit of Creativity


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