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– 7 Ways Your Imagination Can Transform Your Reality –

Imagine that your heart space is where your human soul and universal spirit unite.

Recent scientific research has improved our understanding of the heart’s intelligence.
In fact, your heart has its own neural network which emits an energy field that reaches far beyond your physical body.


When you connect to this field of energy using your creative imagination, a world without limits opens up for you.


Do you know that your brain cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a real one?
Both send signals to your body which trigger a response, whether it is really happening or not.

Imagine creating a life that honours the very essence of who you are…

Upgrade Your Operating System

When you bring in the sensations and experiences you long to connect with, the feelings that diminish your sense of fulfilment naturally fall away.

Imagination Spa aims to make this process effortlessly…


You will explore your universal realms where your multi-dimensional nature has access to bountiful resources.


You will have experiences that feel real in your body’s energy field and register as reality in your mind.


You will create these experiences as your limitless self, stimulating new thoughts and positive emotions.

Create Space for New Insights

The Guided Imagination Journeys are richly descriptive adventures that stimulate your imagination to make new connections with deeper aspects of yourself.

The journeys are built around a comprehensive framework with seven key elements:

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    Breathing Relaxation

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    Heart Activation

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    Mind-Body Alignment

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    Sensory Expansion

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    Natural Rejuvenation

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    Symbol Creation

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    Energy Infusion

Every time you take a journey, you create space to experience something new.

Deepen Your Motivation

Each guided experience features a selection of uniquely diverse Imagination Journeys.

Together with the following components you can deepen your understanding of what drives you and benefit from this every day.

– Introductions –

Open your heart and invite in the possibilities that fulfil your needs.

– ‘Perpetual Elevation’ –

Infuse the energy of your symbol so you can connect to its power anytime.

– Inspired Action Plans –

Strengthen the value of what you have received as you engage in daily life.

– Guidelines and Tips –

Get the most from the new experiences you create and reap the rewards.

Live an Inspired Life

There are no limits to where your imagination can take you.

When you purchase any item, you will have free access to the Members’ Lounge, which has a variety of imaginative resources to inspire your extraordinary journey through life:


Access free audios and listen to your journeys.


Stay informed with news, stories and inspiration.


Share in a collective spirit of imagination.


Stimulate your intuition for ideas and solutions.


Enhance your creativity with insider tips and tools.


Ask questions and find answers for greater clarity.