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The Packages

Each product comes with a selection of three or seven Journeys (audio files). In addition you receive Journey Introductions (audio files), Guidelines & Tips (PDF), a Symbol Exercise called ‘Perpetual Elevation’ (audio file) and an Inspired Action Plan for each journey (PDF).

Together, they offer a complete experience for you to have both in the moment, and in the days and weeks that follow.

You are also given free access to the Members’ Lounge.

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The journeys vary between 20 and 25 minutes and the introductions are approximately 5 minutes.

The introductions are short recordings that open you up to the personal quality you are about to connect with during the journey. They also summarize the journey narrative letting your mind know what to expect so you can freely immerse yourself in the experience.

The Inspired Action Plan helps you to take what you receive from the journey and apply it to your everyday life so you can get tangible results, quickly. Each one offers exercises, activities and suggestions for you to explore in more depth, and draw inspiration from the energy you have connected with.

Each journey encourages you to create a symbol that encapsulates your experience. Placing this symbol in your energy field makes it easy for you to activate or ‘turn up’ the sensations you have connected with. ‘Perpetual Elevation’ is an exercise that guides you through this process.

You can experience the journeys in two different ways:

The Mini-Series Collections feature three journeys based around one of your seven energy centres (or chakras). They are ideal for a deeper dive into your resources, one chakra level at a time.

The Feature Length Compilations comprise of seven journeys – one from each energy centre (plus two bonus journeys). They are ideal if you want to tap into your resources at each level of being.

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All the journeys are creative mini-adventures for you to explore different aspects of yourself. Each journey is associated with a personal quality you can connect with or strengthen your relationship with and will benefit you at a deeper level of being.

You can choose your product using the following criteria:

  • Decide whether you want a Mini-Series or Feature Length product
  • Look at the product name, visuals or colours and decide which appeals most to you
  • Refer to the personal qualities in each product and choose the one that inspires you most. For example, Sphere of Awareness is about Freedom-Wholeness-Creativity.
  • Read the journey descriptions and choose the adventures that entice you most.

Remember to tap into what resonates most strongly with your heart.

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The products are self-improvement tools for you to enjoy and explore in your own time and space. They do not come with one-on-one support but offer a comprehensive package designed to guide you through the process and give you a framework with which to continue to build on the results in your everyday life.

When you purchase any of the products you automatically gain access to this facility by logging in to your account on the website.

The Members’ Lounge offers you a host of benefits to deepen and support your ongoing explorations. You can listen to free journeys and meditations, self-coaching tools, community sharing, intuitive guidance, journeying techniques, and much more.

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The Journeys

When you start, it is best to listen to the journeys in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. The fewer distractions around you, the richer the experience. Once you are familiar with the journeys and have made a deeper connection with your inner resources, you might decide to listen to them while commuting, taking a lunch break or when you want to relax or take your mind off the outside world.

Never listen to the journeys while driving or performing any task that requires your attention, as it is natural to go into a dream-like state while listening, or even become sleepy.

It is up to you. Lying down is more immersive as your whole body can fully relax. However, sitting or reclining also works if that is more comfortable. Sitting upright helps with focus if you are prone to drifting off. Whichever position you choose, try to have your spine in line with your head and your palms open.

As often as you like – they have no ‘sell-by date’ and allow you to take away a different experience each time you listen. The journeys are designed to let your imagination to take you to where you need to be and bring out new aspects of yourself as you evolve and transition.

It is good to leave two or three days between journeys so you can really enjoy and nurture the energy you connect with. This also gives you an opportunity to follow the Inspired Action Plan and do the ‘Perpetual Elevation’ exercise to continue to transform in ways that are meaningful for you.

On first listening it is advisable to take the journeys in the order they appear (they are numbered in sequence taking you through different levels of awareness). Once you are familiar with the journeys then you can decide which one you want to take depending on your mood or circumstance.

The recordings work at many different levels and are very gentle and relaxing. They take you to a space where you can create anything you want and guide you to use your imagination in a way that makes this feel effortless. They are very adaptable and work naturally with your intentions.


The journeys deliver an experience as you take them. You’ll feel different immediately and the quality of the connection you make during the journey will determine its effect (it will be different each time). The tools provided with the products and within the Members’ Lounge are there to support your transformation and inspire your own process.

You do not need to have any creative skills or a vivid imagination to benefit from guided journeys, just a willingness to immerse yourself in the experience in any way that feels good to you. The journeys do the work – they are richly descriptive, stimulate a rewarding experience and naturally cultivate your creativity.

In essence, meditation is a practice to help quiet the mind and calm the emotions. It is a process of unwinding and moving into a deeper state of awareness to achieve a sense of wellbeing.

Whereas journeying is a practice to creatively explore imaginative realms that exist beyond the everyday mind. The journeys guide you to connect with inner resources and insights to achieve a desired transformation.

It is recommended you set aside 30-40 minutes to do the journey and the first activity in the Inspired Action Plan. Depending on how deep you want to go you might set aside a little extra time, at a convenient point, to do the ‘Perpetual Elevation’ exercise and more activities.

For the best results, aim to create a regular practice as the benefits are cumulative.

If you are not sure, sign up for the Insider’s Guide first – you’ll receive a PDF download ‘7 Ways Your Imagination Can Transform Your Reality’, followed by an inspiring video and a Free Guided Imagination Journey.

The products are an exciting way to invest in your creative wellbeing and each one offers multiple opportunities to assist in this process, with the potential for lasting and meaningful outcomes.


The recordings are either MP3 or M4A audio files and the documents are PDFs.

When you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to download a .zip file with your product. You simply download this file onto your desktop or laptop, unzip the file and save the recordings in iTunes or similar.

If you are accessing your products from a phone or tablet, log in to the Members’ Lounge on the website and go to The Library. Here you can click on your products to download the individual recordings onto your device.

You can listen to the journeys from within the Members’ Lounge. Go to The Library, click on your product and select the journey you wish to listen to.


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