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Members’ Lounge Features

The Library

Listen and experience without limits

The hub where you will find all your guided experiences. It also hosts the House Library, offering a selection of free meditations, journeys and breathwork exercises to support your daily creative flow.

Imagination Oracle

Draw on the power of your inner knowing

An interactive tool for you to stimulate ideas and generate solutions. Ask the Oracle for guidance and apply its evocative response to your personal enquiry. Expect the unexpected.

Creative Coach

Fast track to your new reality

A range of imaginative ways for you to tap into your creative flow in everyday situations. Support your ongoing personal development through the wisdom of your heart and soul.

Curious Mind

Find answers to your practical enquiries

Review frequently asked questions in order to enhance your journey experiences or to help you decide which product to choose and understand better the benefits you can receive.


Pool your resources to deepen creative insights

A living wall of symbols posted by other members who have taken the journeys. Allow them to enhance your own insights or take part in a collective spirit of creativity by sharing your own.

Spa Channel

Keep your creative juices flowing

A compendium of news and information to help you stay inspired. Receive exclusive offers, read interesting articles and find out what’s new in the Members’ Lounge to fuel your spirit of adventure.