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Explore the Dimensions of your Soul

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Vitality – Abundance – Empowerment – Magnificence – Wholeness – Guidance – Connection
Adventure and Sensory Perception

Explore the Dimensions of your Soul


Inspired Dimensions invites you to gain a fuller understanding of your ability create your future and to explore the dimensions of your soul.

Discover the ways in which you are so much more than you ever knew. Effortlessly move beyond your everyday comfort zone to access your intuitive nature, benefit from greater inner resources and support, and release your untapped power to reshape your reality.

The journeys in Inspired Dimensions are designed to open you up to the inherent gifts of your soul and bring you greater fulfilment and adventure. They encourage you to explore new realms of awareness with greater curiosity and wonderment. As you progress through each level, you will move into increasingly creative spaces and begin to awaken your unique potential to influence your destiny.

This product is for you if you are interested in enhancing your sensory perception or if you are ready to pursue new and rewarding opportunities for a fuller experience of life.


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Product Features:

  • Seven original guided journeys
  • Bonus opening and closing journeys
  • Journey introductions
  • Symbol Exercise
  • Inspired Action Plan
  • Imagination Spa Membership
  • A total of 19 downloadable recordings

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Product Benefits:

  • Explores novel and extraordinary aspects of your creative essence
  • Facilitates access to your boundless inner resources
  • Brings a new vision of how you can embrace life
  • Celebrates the joys of your Super Nature
  • Opens up new dimensions of your soul
  • Inspires a holistic exploration of your creative potential


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“When you follow the path towards what lights you up, the mystery of you unfolds step by step.”

Full Product Details

The duration of each journey is 20-25 minutes and each introduction is around 5 minutes


‘Starborn Seed’

Gain new insights into how uniquely and inherently resourceful you are.

During the journey you find yourself in a cosmic screening room where you are presented with three inventive concepts, illustrating the versatile array of creative resources available to support you.



‘Mystical Carousel’

Power your enthusiasm for life and awaken your natural vitality.

During the journey you find yourself flying in a mystical carousel through a kaleidoscope of geometric colours and receive an unusual work of art, which holds the key to your vital essence.



‘Garden of Delights’

Discover your bountiful nature and tap into your supply of abundant resources.

During the journey you find yourself exploring a thriving paradise and discover a hidden sanctuary which holds a vast collection of treasures, designed exclusively to fulfil your heart’s desires.



‘Crystal Alchemy’

Empower yourself with the elements you need to shape your future.

During the journey you find yourself in a dazzling crystal cavern with three capsules in your hand, each an elixir of life, created to unleash your untouchable, unshakeable and unstoppable nature.



‘Opulent Heart’

Deepen your relationship with the magnificence that dwells in your heart.

During the journey you find yourself in a glowing chamber of joy where you receive three opulent gifts, each of which you infuse with a promise, as you move into the next stage of your journey.



‘Cosmic Observatory’

Return to your sense of wholeness as part of a synergistic universe.

During the journey you find yourself in a cosmic observatory which monitors the flow of celestial events and you gain an insightful awareness of how much influence you have in the grand scheme of life.



‘Parallel Orbit’

Encounter new and alternative ways to access your inner guidance.

During the journey you find yourself resting on a deserted and tranquil beach when a portal to a parallel universe opens up, inviting you to engage in an enlightening telepathic communication.



‘Universal Web’

Nurture your wellbeing in connection with the source of your creativity.

During the journey you find yourself whirling through the universe in lotus flower of a thousand petals where you link up with a vast network of light and ignite new pathways of intelligent energy.



‘Harmonious Flow’

Effortlessly navigate the currents of life, from the realms of your soul.

During the journey you find yourself gliding along the airstreams of creation and experience the fluid synergy of an ever-changing landscape, as you seamlessly ebb and flow in rhythm with the tides.



‘Perpetual Elevation’

Clarify your connection with the energy of your symbol.

This short exercise uses the unique symbols you create in each journey to strengthen the foundations of the qualities they represent, in ways that help to keep them alive in your heart.



Inspired Dimensions Journal

Continue to thrive, as you engage in your day to day life.

The journal activities are a great way to express and record your experiences, identify next steps and enable your creativity to continue to flow, in order to maintain balance and harmony. 



Member’s Lounge Access

Support your voyage of self-discovery.

Gain access to additional journeys, meditations, breathwork and much more. Discover techniques to ease you into your imaginative flow, find creative solutions and enhance your connection.