Portal of Perception


Receive an Enhanced View of Life through the Eyes of Your Higher Knowing

Take Me There

Beauty – Guidance – Wisdom
Inner Truth and Understanding

Receive an Enhanced View of Life through the Eyes of Your Higher Knowing


Portal of Perception awakens you to the different ways in which you can view your life. By opening up to alternative perspectives, you redefine your boundaries. This collection lifts your awareness to new heights of realization.

  • Beauty – Imagine experiencing the awe-inspiring ingenuity of life first-hand and having boundless gratitude for being part of its exquisite design.
  • Guidance – Imagine experiencing your inherent power to make positive choices and act in your best interests with every decision you make, great or small.
  • Wisdom – Imagine experiencing life knowing you have the important answers within you, without needing to react to what is happening around you.


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The duration of each journey is 20-25 minutes and each introduction is around 5 minutes
3 Original Guided Journeys – Introductions – Symbol Exercise – Inspired Action Plan – Membership


‘Rainbow Transmission’

Unveil the essence of beauty that lies within and around you.

During the journey you find yourself surfing an oceanic rainbow before moving through a vibrant tunnel into a sparkling wonderland, where you appreciate all that is good in your life.



‘Parallel Orbit’

Encounter new and alternative ways to access your inner guidance.

During the journey you find yourself resting on a deserted and tranquil beach when a portal to a parallel universe opens up, inviting you to engage in an enlightening telepathic communication.



‘Timeless Reservoir’

Explore the deep nature of reality from where your inner wisdom springs.

During the journey you find yourself on a mountain path, lit up by the spectacular auroras and settle beside a turquoise reservoir to contemplate the timeless memories of your soul as you lighten your load.



‘Perpetual Elevation’

Clarify your connection with the energy of your symbol.

This short exercise uses the unique symbols you create in each journey to strengthen the foundations of the qualities they represent, in ways that help to keep them alive in your heart.



Portal of Perception Journal

Continue to thrive, as you engage in your day to day life.

The journal activities are a great way to express and record your experiences, identify next steps and enable your creativity to continue to flow, in order to maintain balance and harmony. 



Members’ Lounge Access

Support your voyage of self-discovery.

Gain access to additional journeys, meditations, breathwork and much more. Discover techniques to ease you into your imaginative flow, find creative solutions and enhance your connection.