Source of Desire


Connect to Your Sense of Aliveness and Open Yourself to Deeper Experiences

Take Me There

Belonging – Vitality – Possibility
Purposeful and Deeply Nourishing

Connect to Your Sense of Aliveness and Open Yourself to Deeper Experiences


Source of Desire liberates the inner knowing that you are an integral and vital part of the world you inhabit. By owning your place, you have the power to secure your sense of purpose and stability. This collection is foundational and deeply nourishing:

  • Belonging – Imagine the sensation that everything is working out, you are more than ok, you feel valued and accepted, just as you are.
  • Vitality – Imagine the sensation that it feels good to be alive, you can breathe freely, you are energetic, content and strong in yourself.
  • Possibility – Imagine the sensation that there is always a door opening, a next step you can take that brings you closer to your goals … to a life fulfilled.


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The duration of each journey is 20-25 minutes and each introduction is around 5 minutes
3 Original Guided Journeys – Introductions – Symbol Exercise – Inspired Action Plan – Membership


‘Translucent Orb’

Redefine your sense of belonging, in ways that enduringly sustain you.

During the journey you find yourself travelling in a mysterious orb towards a jubilant homecoming and are given a precious keepsake to remind you that you are never truly alone.



‘Mystical Carousel’

Power your enthusiasm for life and awaken your natural vitality.

During the journey you find yourself flying in a mystical carousel through a kaleidoscope of geometric colours and receive an unusual work of art, which holds the key to your vital essence.



‘Shimmering Nebula’

Connect with the field of infinite possibility and open doors to a new opportunity.

During the journey you glimpse your unique matrix of potential and find yourself on a magical path which leads to a book inscribed with a powerful message, informing the next chapter in your life. 



‘Perpetual Elevation’

Clarify your connection with the energy of your symbol.

This short exercise uses the unique symbols you create in each journey to strengthen the foundations of the qualities they represent, in ways that help to keep them alive in your heart.



Source of Desire Journal

Continue to thrive, as you engage in your day to day life.

The journal activities are a great way to express and record your experiences, identify next steps and enable your creativity to continue to flow, in order to maintain balance and harmony. 



Members’ Lounge Access

Support your voyage of self-discovery.

Gain access to additional journeys, meditations, breathwork and much more. Discover techniques to ease you into your imaginative flow, find creative solutions and enhance your connection.