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Connect with your Universal Spirit

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Possibility – Inspiration – Transformation – Oneness – Creativity – Wisdom – Infinity
Multi-Dimensional and Visionary

Connect with your Universal Spirit


Sublime Horizons opens the doors to your limitless creative potential so you can connect with your universal spirit.

Step into the world of your super consciousness and let the creativity within you spontaneously emerge from your dynamic energy. Tune into new ways to conceive and perceive your reality from the multidimensional realms of your spirit.

The journeys in Sublime Horizons are designed for you to explore the cosmic nature of existence so you can tune into higher frequencies of your creative essence. They inspire you to have a grander vision in which you are part of a universal system. As you progress through each level, you will sense new states of being coming into play and see new paths that lead to a more purposeful future.

This product is for you if you relish the prospect of creating alchemy with your intuitive nature or if you are being called to step up to a higher level of leadership within yourself.


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Product Features:

  • Seven original guided journeys
  • Bonus opening and closing journeys
  • Journey introductions
  • Symbol Exercise
  • Inspired Action Plan
  • Imagination Spa Membership
  • A total of 19 downloadable recordings

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Product Benefits:

  • Opens connections to higher concepts of your creative talents
  • Heightens your capacity to manifest your desires
  • Rejuvenates your energy through heart-opening sensations
  • Celebrates your affinity with life
  • Deepens your awareness of your universal spirit
  • Inspires a holistic exploration of your creative potential


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“As you melt into a state of blissful relaxation, you rediscover the exquisite truth of who you are.”

Full Product Details

The duration of each journey is 20-25 minutes and each introduction is around 5 minutes


‘Starborn Seed’

Gain new insights into how uniquely and inherently resourceful you are.

During the journey you find yourself in a cosmic screening room where you are presented with three inventive concepts, illustrating the versatile array of creative resources available to support you.



‘Shimmering Nebula’

Connect with the field of infinite possibility and open doors to a new opportunity.

During the journey you glimpse your unique matrix of potential and find yourself on a magical path which leads to a book inscribed with a powerful message, informing the next chapter in your life. 



‘Amethyst Palace’

Open up to the unlimited source of inspiration that flows through you.

During the journey you find yourself travelling in a glass chariot to a sparkling amethyst palace, where crystal gems infuse you with insights and pulsate with the provocative impulse of creativity.



‘Magical Gallery’

Acquire the game-changing skill of transformation to gain new perspectives.

During the journey you find yourself drawn through a quantum gateway into an enchanting gallery where a magic wand guides you on a tour of three ingenious exhibits of Love, Light and Bliss.



‘Eternal Heart’

Deepen your relationship with the oneness that dwells in your heart.

During the journey you find yourself in a glowing chamber of peace where you receive three eternal gifts, each of which you infuse with a promise, as you move into the next stage of your journey.



‘Celestial Elements’

Allow your creativity to consistently deliver beyond all expectations.

During the journey you find yourself taking a galactic holiday where you experience how your creative process can nurture anything you desire, in partnership with the elements around you.



‘Timeless Reservoir’

Explore the deep nature of reality from where your inner wisdom springs.

During the journey you find yourself on a mountain path, lit up by the spectacular auroras and settle beside a turquoise reservoir to contemplate the timeless memories of your soul as you lighten your load.



‘Pearl Essence’

Experience yourself as an indivisible part of the infinite nature of life.

During the journey you find yourself merging into a wilderness of creativity, where you discover a boundless affinity to the blissful intelligence that exists in the universe, as both love and light.



‘Harmonious Flow’

Effortlessly navigate the currents of life, from the realms of your soul.

During the journey you find yourself gliding along the airstreams of creation and experience the fluid synergy of an ever-changing landscape, as you seamlessly ebb and flow in rhythm with the tides.



‘Perpetual Elevation’

Clarify your connection with the energy of your symbol.

This short exercise uses the unique symbols you create in each journey to strengthen the foundations of the qualities they represent, in ways that help to keep them alive in your heart.



Sublime Horizons Journal

Continue to thrive, as you engage in your day to day life.

The journal activities are a great way to express and record your experiences, identify next steps and enable your creativity to continue to flow, in order to maintain balance and harmony. 



Member’s Lounge Access

Support your voyage of self-discovery.

Gain access to additional journeys, meditations, breathwork and much more. Discover techniques to ease you into your imaginative flow, find creative solutions and enhance your connection.