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Enrich your Human Experience

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Belonging – Passion – Authenticity – Tenderness – Freedom – Beauty – Grace
Recognition and Self-Acceptance

Enrich your Human Experience


Vibrant Realities inspires you to embrace your place in the world and to enrich your human experience.

Take the time to explore how you have changed in recent years so you can honour the unique individual you are today. Get to know what drives you and what direction you wish to take next, that will nurture your heartfelt desires.

The journeys in Vibrant Realities are designed to free you to express yourself and open you up to your deeper creative nature. They introduce you to new ideas and perspectives that will naturally elevate your future life experiences. As you progress through each level, you will begin to feel a positive shift in your overall energy and become clearer about who you are and how to use that awareness to move consciously into the next phase of your life.

This product is for you if you are looking to recalibrate for these changing times or if you are on a mission to drive forward your own remarkable unfolding journey.


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Product Features:

  • Seven original guided journeys
  • Bonus opening and closing journeys
  • Journey introductions
  • Symbol Exercise
  • Inspired Action Plan
  • Imagination Spa Membership
  • A total of 19 downloadable recordings

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Product Benefits:

  • Deepens your understanding of who you are now
  • Brings new insights with which to create what inspires you
  • Connects you to qualities that positively influence your choices
  • Celebrates kindness and self-compassion
  • Expands your human experience
  • Inspires a holistic exploration of your creative potential


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“With inner power and outer grace, you are free to fly on the wings of love.”

Full Product Details

The duration of each journey is 20-25 minutes and each introduction is around 5 minutes


‘Starborn Seed’

Gain new insights into how uniquely and inherently resourceful you are.

During the journey you find yourself in a cosmic screening room where you are presented with three inventive concepts, illustrating the versatile array of creative resources available to support you.



‘Translucent Orb’

Redefine your sense of belonging, in ways that enduringly sustain you.

During the journey you find yourself travelling in a mysterious orb towards a jubilant homecoming and are given a precious keepsake to remind you that you are never truly alone.



‘Chrysalis of Dreams’

Ignite the flames of passion that animate the longings within you.

During the journey you find yourself in a glowing chrysalis, witnessing the miracles of creation and are introduced to a remarkable tree which bears the fruits of your aspirations on its branches.



‘True Nature Park’

Discover what you authentically value most at this time in your life.

During the journey you find yourself on a trail blazed by spirited adventurers and are given three unusual envelopes to accompany you on this pilgrimage, each containing a poignant question.



 ‘Sacred Heart’

Deepen your relationship with the tenderness that dwells in your heart.

During the journey you find yourself in a glowing chamber of love where you receive three tender gifts, each of which you infuse with a promise, as you move into the next stage of your journey.



‘Interstellar Acrobat’

Liberate your true spirit of freedom and your independent nature.

During the journey you find yourself acrobatically tumbling through the universe and shedding any layers that limit your creative expression, as you tune in to the wisdom of your heart.



‘Rainbow Transmission’

Unveil the essence of beauty that lies within and around you.

During the journey you find yourself surfing an oceanic rainbow before moving through a vibrant tunnel into a sparkling wonderland, where you appreciate all that is good in your life.



‘Stream of Benevolence’

Acknowledge the grace in your accomplishments, great and small.

During the journey you find yourself floating in a golden bubble along a stream of blessings with a host of companions and loved ones, and together, you savour the sweet moments in life.



‘Harmonious Flow’

Effortlessly navigate the currents of life, from the realms of your soul.

During the journey you find yourself gliding along the airstreams of creation and experience the fluid synergy of an ever-changing landscape, as you seamlessly ebb and flow in rhythm with the tides.



‘Perpetual Elevation’

Clarify your connection with the energy of your symbol.

This short exercise uses the unique symbols you create in each journey to strengthen the foundations of the qualities they represent, in ways that help to keep them alive in your heart.



Vibrant Realities Journal

Continue to thrive, as you engage in your day to day life.

The journal activities are a great way to express and record your experiences, identify next steps and enable your creativity to continue to flow, in order to maintain balance and harmony. 



Member’s Lounge Access

Support your voyage of self-discovery.

Gain access to additional journeys, meditations, breathwork and much more. Discover techniques to ease you into your imaginative flow, find creative solutions and enhance your connection.